The Woman Who Spilled Words All Over Herself

Rosemary Daniell's memoir on the writing life.

cover of The Woman Who Spilled Words All Over HerselfIn The Woman Who Spilled Words All Over Herself, Daniell, known for her stylish and controversial memoirs, Sleeping with Soldiers and Fatal Flowers, shares what she has discovered as a poet, nonfiction, and fiction author, and, more importantly, how she has learned to give hope to others who also wish to write.

She explains the stumbling blocks one meets along the way—blocks that have more to do with obstacles from within, rather than with struggles to come up with ideas, or problems with transitions, syntax, and finding the right word.

Throughout, she suggests means to deal with these common experiences, from the Five Fears that can stifle the best of us, through the myriad varieties of Self-sabotage, including the subtle Anna Quindlen syndrome.

Whether you are a writer looking for a way to start or have written for most of your life, you will find yourself in this book. With wit and verve, she describes the difficulties and delights of the writing-and-teaching life, and shares how she has healed her own psychic wounds, and has seen others similarly healed through the art of writing.

This twin theme memoir also includes Exercises From Zona Rosa, a step-by-step series of "exercises"' that can help even the most skeptical readers to enhance their own creativity and skills as writers.

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