Sleeping with Soldiers:  In Search of the Macho Man, Rosemary Daniell's second and most popular memoir!

Sleeping with Soldiers coverSleeping with Soldiers is Rosemary Daniell's story of her search for the macho man, the exploration of her deep attraction to men who live dangerously, who are frankly and naturally masculine. Daniell, an outspoken feminist, writer, poet, and memoirist identifies with the risks these men take in the name of freedom and sensation, and like many independent women, she is drawn to them despite their tendency to drink too much, live too fast, and sometimes display a brutal brand of male chauvinism. To discover why, she set off on a cross-country journey that took her from a job as one of four women on an offshore oil rig to the wilds of Wyoming, and home again to Savannah. On one level a female adventure story, the book is her own personal odyssey into the world of the macho man; on a deeper level, a subjective and imperative exploration of her most primal feelings toward the other sex. In both cases, a journey necessary for her to reconcile the male/female parts of herself. Filled with Daniell's experiences and insights and those of the men and women she meets on the road, Sleeping with Soldiers is a funny, raunchy, revealing examination of women's love-hate relationship with macho men.

"There is not a more honest writer in America." - Pat Conroy

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This highly sought-after classic is available through and Barnes & Noble; also watch for future editions.

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