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Confessions of a (Female) Chauvinist coverRosemary Daniell is the quintessential rebel Southern female who still embraces her roots, and it is that love-hate relationship that is at the deepest core of her creativity. Daniell's classic memoir, Fatal Flowers, became a roadmap for Southern women in the communal quest to confront and explore the stereotypes that have long repressed and silenced them.

Confessions of a (Female) Chauvinist, a collection of Daniell's most powerful essays, is destined to become a classic in its genre, a milestone which explores what happens when a Southern woman breaks the rules.

From "The Feminine Frustration," the first trade magazine coverage of the women's movement in the Southeast, to "The Deer Who Loved To Be Hunted: A Reflection On Dickey's Women," a treatise on women who survive a powerful man with soul intact, and those who do not, Daniell has always been at the forefront of writing about the bedrock issues defining contemporary society.

Daniell is renowned for her forthright portrayal of the sexual revolution, both that of the individual male and female, and that of society. "In Search of the Macho Man," the genesis of her acclaimed memoir, Sleeping with Soldiers, and "Why I Like Tough Guys—The Real Kind," verify she is a (female) chauvinist who also loves men.

An adept investigative reporter, Daniell's "The Scandal that Shook Savannah" was the first national coverage of the Jim Williams murder trial in Savannah, Georgia, well before Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

In Confessions, Daniell, for whom writing is truly a lifeline, facilitates for women from all walks of life the journey to help them reclaim—or claim for the first time—their creativity, despite the forces against them.

"Daniell's words have helped me find myself." — Melinda Haynes, Mother of Pearl

"Daniell gives strength to the rest of us." — Dorothy Allison

"One of the South's best and bravest writers." — Anne Rivers Siddons

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